Galor class

A Cardassian Galor-class destroyer

A destroyer was a term used to describe a fast, relatively small ship. During World War II, Alicia Travers' husband served on a destroyer stationed in the Pacific Ocean. (ENT: "Storm Front")

In starship classification, destroyers were a type of starship in service with the Federation Starfleet. Although Starfleet generally eschewed military-type designations for its forces, a destroyer was a small, compact vessel designed primarily or exclusively for combat. In the 24th century, the designation of destroyer was generally deprecated in favor of frigate.

Following naval tradition, the difference in a destroyer and a destroyer escort is denoted by the vessel's size, armament, and mission, with a destroyer escort being the smaller of the two. Although no direct reference to these classifications are made in Star Trek lore, it can be assumed that the same would hold true in the Federation and elsewhere.
According to The Making of Star Trek, Captain Kirk's first command was a Destroyer-class starship.

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