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Dermal regenerator

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The dermal regenerator is a common, easily operable medical tool used by several civilizations to heal minor skin wounds, such as cuts and burns. The dermal regenerator can also be used to revert surgically modified skin to its normal state, as well as to remove scars. It can also be used to simulate wounds or burns.

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  • In the book Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, Alan Sims describes how you can make your own Dermal Regenerator. The regenerator that it refers to is actually made from an electric hair brush, and was seen in VOY: "Workforce". (Seen above, version 2377)
  • Several different props have been used to represent the Dermal regenerator, including, ironically, the prop that represents the Laser scalpel.
  • A prop dermal regenerator was sold in week 1 of the It's A Wrap! sale and auction for $1275.00. According to the listing, it was seen in the Voyager episode "State of Flux". The item is the 2376 version from the picture above. [1]

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