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Denobulan script

Denobulan script

Denobulan was the language spoken by the Denobulans of Denobula.

Doctor Phlox told Feezal that Hoshi Sato was like a "language wizard", and Hoshi and Feezal had a brief conversation in Denobulan. (ENT: "Stigma")

While Dr. Phlox tried to capture his Pyrithian bat, he was swearing in Denobulan. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay")

In 2154, while jogging through the halls of the Enterprise, Dr. Phlox was singing in Denobulan to himself (and Porthos). (ENT: "Doctor's Orders")



Ya-sah mai gaa-am.

The thyroid gland.

Ya-sah degata.

The hypothalamus.

Ya-sah dofkul.

This could be mistaken for the "big toe".

Ya-sah kaduu ta-aul.

The zyphoid process. (ENT: "Minefield" deleted scene)

Examples of spoken Denobulan


"Darickmay kal'paron ripa, Oochi vanka luu! Bareet suut vahl, suut vahl, suut vahl! Ba-reet suut vahl."

- Phlox, singing to himself while jogging through the corridors of the Enterprise. (ENT: "Doctor's Orders")


Taa ke mai loo! BAK! See rem tahlaa! Treyst Berat kara tok ah see!

- Phlox swearing while trying to capture his Pyrithian bat. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay")

Phlox and Hoshi

Ni ka'am?

How are your patients?

Wakare te-tem prossaa. Detall ta sarabit.

Their condition is grave. But they're resting for now.

De ta a lekem paravuul.

I'm sure you'll find a way to help them.

Pardeeka tunah mek. Paveet.

Your syntax is improving. Continue.

Dom, naav sakuu?

Do you like the food?

Yeronti nagata... kaa suut vahl...

The sauce is good... but I don't care for this vegetable...

Eggplant nida kaa suut vahl, Maiakchi bongalu.

Eggplant's not a vegetable, it's a nostril.

(In English, Phlox says "It's a nostril?")

Chini ga'luu.

A fruit.

(In English, Hoshi says "I've noticed you and Crewman Cutler spending a lot of time together. Is there something going on between you two?")

(In English, Phlox says "In Denobulan, please.")


Are you two... mating?

(In English, Phlox says "I believe the word you're searching for is dating.")

Maifuuella jadu suura.


(In English, Hoshi says "Well, are you?")

Pragoon dee saa?

Well, are you?

Deetree saa dee pulekee.

I'm not exactly sure.

(In English, Hoshi says "There are ways you can tell.")

Doof tu tiratmilad a tiem misawor? Utet arem baret sikaara...

Does she want to spend time with you? Does she find excuses to...

(In English, Hoshi continues " make physical contact?")

(In English, Phlox says: "Well, she did kiss me on the cheek the other night.")

(In English, Hoshi responds "In Denobulan, Doctor.")

Et tem uura temfar?

Do you have any advice?

Yaasari farakall... majempraa tiri.

I think you make a very cute... washboard.

- Hoshi speaking to Phlox, about his potential relationship in Denobulan. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

Feezal and Hoshi

Denobula'an faardah tunah mek-Phlox.

Doctor Phlox has been teaching me Denobulan.

Par kweesah essah.

I'm impressed.

Dee dah eht suut vahl mey proveet.

I'm still having trouble with the transitive verbs.

- Hoshi speaking to Feezal, about her learning to speak Denobulan. (ENT: "Stigma")

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