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Denkir IV

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Aster painting 2

A painting of Denkir IV

Denkir IV was the habitable fourth planet of the Denkir star system and was orbited by at least one moon.

A painting of this planet depicted it from the perspective of its moon. This painting was displayed aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the observation lounge and in guest quarters. (TNG: "The Child", "The Price") Marla Aster also had a copy of the painting in her quarters aboard the Enterprise. (TNG: "The Bonding")

This planet was the homeworld for various aquatic life-forms. One of these life-forms had evolved into the cetacean-type Denkiri. A phylogenetic tree of the aquatic life on this planet was printed and released to schoolrooms and labs across the Federation. (TNG: "The Child", set artwork)

According to Rick Sternbach, Denkir was a star system he originally came up with for a non-Trek related SF story. [1]
RicK Sternbach created the phylogenetic tree that was first seen in "The Child". This tree was later seen in the Next Generation episodes The Offspring, Reunion, New Ground, Imaginary Friend, Rascals, and Masks. It would, also, appear in the Deep Space episode Cardassians. [[2]]

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