Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
Delta Vega outpost

The Delta Vega outpost

Delta Vega Scotty's office

Scotty's workstation

For the lithium cracking station, please see Delta-Vega Station.

The Delta Vega outpost was a Starfleet facility on the planetoid Delta Vega. Montgomery Scott and Keenser were assigned to this outpost for six months during the year 2258. Shuttle 78072 was docked there. A tribble was kept in a cage in the middle of Scotty's desk, which was littered with various pieces of equipment.

Following an argument with James T. Kirk, he was marooned on the planetoid by Commander Spock. After Kirk met up with the prime universe Spock, they traveled a 14km distance to the outpost together. Once inside, Keenser brought them to Scotty. The engineer, believing them to be making a supply run, bombarded them with complaints for not arriving sooner to restock the outpost's foodstuffs, as the lack of available food necessitated the consumption of protein nibs for the last six months. Spock Prime then entered the formula for transwarp beaming into the computer of the outpost's derelict shuttle. (Star Trek)

The IDW Star Trek: Ongoing comic Keenser's Story revealed that Keenser's posting there pre-dated Scott's. It also revealed that the facility originally had a larger staff, who had transferred sometime prior to Scott's assignment there.

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