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Delta Theta III

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Delta Theta III
Delta Theta III.jpg

The Enterprise in orbit of Delta Theta III

Class: M
Type: Planet
Native Species: Delta Theta III aborigines
Location: Delta Theta system
Aborigine village, Delta Theta III.jpg

Aborigine village on planet's surface

Delta Theta III was an inhabited planet. This was the homeworld of a saurian-race of aboriginal lifeforms who were protected by an entity, which protected them as their god, viewing them as its "children", as it guided them in their evolution. It was the third planet in the Delta Theta planetary system.

This planet was discovered by the USS Enterprise during a series of exploratory and contact missions in 2270. In that year, the planet appeared far younger than was geologically expected, considering the age of its primary.

After an assessment of the planet and its civilization, Captain James Kirk sent a message to Starfleet Command recommending that this planet be quarantined and that no Federation vessel, under any circumstances, should approach the planet. (TAS: "Bem")

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