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Delta-vee (or Δv) is the measurement for change in velocity of a spaceship or other stellar object to escape gravitational forces. Usually the term is used synonymously for a ship's capability of changing its course in different maneuvers until all its power is depleted.

The 22nd century starship SS Mariposa could achieve a delta-vee of 3.7e7×107 NVP. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

When the crew of the USS Enterprise-D tried to restore the orbit of Bre'el IV's moon, a delta-vee of four kilometers per second were needed. The Galaxy-class vessel was not able to produce that speed increase in time even with powering up the tractor beam and exceeding the recommended impulse engine's power limit by 47%. (TNG: "Deja Q")

According to an unused okudagram, the 21st century NASA spacecraft Charybdis had a delta-vee of 7.44e3×103 NVP. (Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission)

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