The Dekendi were a humanoid species native to Dekendi III. They were quite involved in interplanetary politics by the mid-22nd century and participated in the Interspecies Medical Exchange.

The Dekendi had a very popular sport in which four people entered a circle filled with fargans, cow-like animals with humps. They then tossed melons back and forth using sticks with metal baskets at the end. Eventually, the fargans caught on, and begin trying to get the melons. (ENT: "Stigma")

In an ultimately unused scene from the final draft script of "Stigma", it was established that "people from all over the planet" had been in a city on Dekendi III while Hoshi Sato had visited it. Travis Mayweather mentioned, in the same scene, that the planet's natives played "something that's sort of a combination of bullfighting and Lacrosse." This was probably meant to be the same sport as mentioned above. [1]

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