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Debin was the chief representative of the Atlec legation in the mid-2360s. He had one daughter, Yanar.

In 2365, he pursued Thadiun Okona, believing that he impregnated his daughter. When Okona was on the USS Enterprise-D after his ship became disabled, Debin demanded the Okona be handed over to him. At the same time another alien named Kushell also demanded Okona be handed over to him because he believed Okona had stolen from him.

After both parties had beamed over to the Enterprise-D to discuss the matters, Kushell's son Benzan admitted that it was he who impregnated Debin's daughter. The two families had been feuding for years, and Okona was a go-between for the two young lovers. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

Debin was played by actor Douglas Rowe.

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