De jure is the opposite of de facto. A de jure ruler or government can also be called a "puppet" ruler or government, while in de facto rule, the ruler "in fact" holds the real power.

In Orion society the males are slaves to the females. As a means of deception to other species, however, the Orions maintain the facade that the females are the slaves. This relationship has the males in a de jure position, and the females in the de facto position. (ENT: "Borderland", "Bound"; TOS: "The Cage")

In 2367, the Klingon House of Duras was under the de jure rule of Toral, but Lursa and B'Etor were the de facto rulers. However, the sisters were servitors to the Romulan Star Empire and Commander Sela in particular. (TNG: "Redemption")

During the Dominion War (from 2373 through 2375), the Cardassian Union was run by Gul Dukat and Damar, de jure rulers, while the Female Changeling was the de facto ruler. (DS9: "By Inferno's Light", "Sacrifice of Angels", "Penumbra", "'Til Death Do Us Part", "Strange Bedfellows", "What You Leave Behind")

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