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DeCurtis was an ensign in Starfleet, an engineer aboard Deep Space 9 in 2370.

Around Stardate 47569, Ensign DeCurtis was put in charge of checking the security measures surrounding the Paradan peace talks. Chief Miles O'Brien rebuked him for working on this without his permission, since he had discussed the security measures with the Paradans.

When O'Brien wanted to check the security of the quarters assigned to the Paradans, DeCurtis lied to keep O'Brien out. It was later found out that he was acting under orders of Commander Sisko, who was suspicious that O'Brien had been replaced by a replicant. (DS9: "Whispers")

Background Information Edit

DeCurtis was played by Todd Waring.

According to the script for this episode, the pronunciation for DeCurtis was "deh-KUHR-tihs". [1] He was described in the script as a ...a competent and take-charge young engineer.

In Star Trek: Starship Creator, DeCurtis' first name is mentioned to be Anthony.

Apocrypha Edit

According to the novel Rise Like Lions, his mirror universe counterpart was a member of the Terran Rebellion who served as an engineer aboard the Defiant in the late 2370s.}}

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