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For additional meanings of "Davies", please see Davies.

Ensign Davies was a Human Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. In the early 2360s, he served as a geo-chemist aboard the USS Enterprise-D under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

In 2365, Davies, along with Ensigns Hildebrant, Alans, and another scientist, Prixus, was chosen by Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher to work on a project investigating the geological structure of the planet Drema IV. He seemed skeptical at first as according to himself, he likes to break up married teams.

Davies seemed very snide towards Wesley initially, even offering to take over for him if he needed to. Wesley asked Davies to perform an ico-spectrogram on the planet, but Davies called into question the necessity of this, and Wesley backed down from giving an actual "order" to perform the scan. Following this, Wesley spoke with Commander Riker about the challenges of command and changed his tactics. Subsequently, Wesley ordered Davies to perform the ico-spectrogram, and he complied without question. (TNG: "Pen Pals")

Ensign Davies was played by actor Nicholas Cascone.
Unlike most ensigns seen in Star Trek, who are generally recent graduates of Starfleet Academy, Davies appears to be much older and more experienced. His position as a science specialty officer seems to indicate that his commission was gained as a result of his education, very similar to the "direct commission" programs of the modern day United States Navy for use with doctors, lawyers, and medical service personnel. Other ensigns who have appeared in similar circumstances are Jana Haines and Alans.

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