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David Brin (born 6 October 1950; age 65) is a science fiction author from California, USA. He holds a degree in astrophysics from CalTech and a PhD in space physics from UCSD.

Brin is a noted author, publishing his first novel, Sundiver in 1980 and winning the Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Awards for his second novel, Startide Rising. Both of these novels were the basis of his Uplift series. One of his best known novels is The Postman, which was adapted into a film by Kevin Costner in the late 1990s. Brin also wrote the final novel in the Foundation trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov's work, Foundation's Triumph. Greg Bear also contributed to that series.

In 2001, he wrote "Forgiveness" for WildStorm Comics, a tale about the original invention of the transporter. The story was painted by Scott Hampton. Two years later, the two collaborated again on The Life Eaters, also for WildStorm.

Michael A. Martin interviewed Brin for Star Trek Monthly issue 85 in 2001 discussing "Forgiveness".

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