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David Frederick Bischoff (born 15 December 1951; age 65), is a writer who has written both teleplays and books for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Bischoff was born in Washington, DC, and now lives in Pennsylvania. Bischoff writes under several different noms de plumes, and is a very prolific writer, having produced over seventy novels.

He has written tie-ins for various other science fiction TV and movies, including Gremlins, Alien, Farscape, SeaQuest DSV, and crime/space cross-over Space Precinct.

The episode TNG: "Tin Man" was based on his 1976/1979 work Tin Woodman, but with substantial alterations to make it fit into the franchise. It was first published in the December 1976 issue of Amazing Stories, and served as the basis of a novel of the same name published by Doubleday in 1979. The original story was nominated for a Nebula Award in 1977. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion 2nd ed., p. 123)

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