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David Berke was the Second Assistant Director for the 2nd Unit of 2009's Star Trek.

Berke collaborated with Star Trek's 2nd Unit First Assistant Director Hal Olofsson on several other films, including the Peter and Bobby Farrelly films Stuck on You (featuring Seymour Cassel and cinematography by Dan Mindel) and The Heartbreak Kid. In addition, Berke and Olofsson have been working together on the Scary Movie-type film spoofs from writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, namely Epic Movie, Date Movie, and Meet the Spartans (the latter of which featured Diedrich Bader, Phil Morris, and Jim Nieb).

Berke's earliest credit as a Second Assistant Director was the 1996 short film Psalms from the Underground, which starred Ronny Cox. He has also worked on such films as American Wedding (featuring John Cho, Loren Lester, and Lawrence Pressman) and the 2008 Paramount Pictures release, The Love Guru. In addition, Berke was an assistant director on such television series as Boston Legal (starring William Shatner), Reno 911!, and Invasion.

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