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You may also be looking for Dathon, a Tamarian.

Dathan Alaris was an Enaran and member of a minority group called the Regressives.

Dathan had a forbidden relationship with Korenna Mirell, an Enaran female who belonged to a majority of Enarans who opposed the view of the Regressives. He was supposedly to be resettled to Peshar, a faraway province on Enara. The night before he was to be resettled, he told Korenna that her father, Jareth, who was a military official, was exterminating the Regressives. He asked her to run away with him. She later betrayed him after her father convinced her that Dathan was lying to her and using her because of his position in the government. Dathan was executed as Korenna joined the cheering Enaran mob.

In 2373 his memories were shared by B'Elanna Torres, chief engineer on the starship USS Voyager, as dreams. She found out the truth about the resettlements: they were false; instead the Regressives were murdered because they did not want to live like the rest of the Enarans. These memories were given to her by Jora Mirell who was in fact Korenna Mirell.

After Jora Mirell died, Torres had the chance to share the memory of Dathan with another Enaran in the hope the Enarans would find out about this tragedy. (VOY: "Remember")

Dathan was played by actor Charles Esten.

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