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A data card was a storage medium used in the 22nd century. Data cards consisted of several memory chips encased in a transparent coating and were similar to microtapes used in the 23rd century. Most of the control consoles aboard Template:ShipClass starships had slots for several data cards.

Aboard the NX-class Enterprise in early 2152, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker showed Captain Jonathan Archer a data card. The card contained a complete recording of a water polo final between Stanford University and the University of Texas. Trip had received the recording by subspace before storing it on the data card. He and Archer later used the card to watch the game on a monitor in the captain's mess. (ENT: "Vox Sola")

The name for this type of card was not established in Star Trek: Enterprise, but comes from a text commentary track on "Vox Sola" that was written by Michael and Denise Okuda. According to the commentary, the clear part of a data card is the same size as the "microtape" props used in the original series.

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