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Data Base Factory is a French company which provides services to companies and corporations who desire to branch out in markets where they themselves do not operate a subsidiary other than the home markets of said companies or corporations, usually, for them, foreign language markets. The services this company provides, typically entails "back-office" activities, such as customer services and contacts, promotion and marketing, distribution, editorial services such as translation of print material in the language of the target market, subscription management, and the like.

The company was founded in 1999 in Paris, France, by a group of French entrepreneurs who realized that language and local legalities played a significant role as barriers for small and middle-sized non-French companies – not able or willing to set up subsidiaries in such other language territories – to not expand their business into other language markets. Having stumbled upon a real market need and niche in the business community, the company has since then rapidly expanded. By 2015 the company had grown to fourteen subsidiaries, the first of which opened in London, UK as early as 2000, spread all over Europe and the French speaking part of northern Africa, covering over a dozen countries and eight languages. [1]

The Star Trek licenseEdit

Data Base Factory has never been granted a direct license to publish Star Trek material in any format whatsoever. However, as it turned out, one of their very first and fairly large accounts they acquired was GE Fabbri, who subcontracted the company for the handling of their Star Trek Fact Files publication for the French-speaking parts of Europe, in the process becoming the main reason why Data Base Factory's very first subsidiary was opened in London. Released as the 1999-2003 Star Trek Les Dossiers Officiels, Data Base Factory also saw to Fabbri's follow-up publications in these markets, the 2004-2007 Star Trek: Les Nouveaux Dossiers Officiels and the 2007-2008 Star Trek: La Série Classique - L'Édition Collector. While strictly speaking, and to the letter of their own business definition, Data Base Factory could not be considered as being a genuine publisher, under French copy right law the company was, and as such is considered the "official" publisher for the three Fabbri French-language publications, even if they did so on behalf of their consigner.

Fabbri's successor, Eaglemoss Collections, continued to make use of the services of Data Base Factory and has subcontracted their customer and subscription services to them, as well as the distribution and editorial services for non-English language countries, which included their Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. [2] Incidentally, Eaglemoss and Data Base Factory are sister companies, as they are both subsidiaries of the Financière Aurénis Group. [3]

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