Dara was a female inhabitant of the second planet of the Taurean system.

In 2269, she was among the women who greeted a male landing party from the USS Enterprise to a temple on the planet. During a celebratory feast that followed, Dara entertained the crowd by juggling several large gemstones. After she finished, she tossed a gemstone to Spock, who was unable to catch the stone due to his inebriation caused by Taurean nectar that he and the rest of the landing party had consumed.

Dara later assisted in a search for the landing party, after the visitors escaped from the temple, but was unable to locate the missing men.

After a second landing party, led by Uhura, stormed the temple, Dara described the eternal prison that she herself and the other Taureans lived in, stating that living there had made all the female members of her race unable to bear children, age, or die. (TAS: "The Lorelei Signal")

Dara was voiced by Nichelle Nichols.
Her name was not spoken on screen, but comes from the episode's script, where she is described as "an exquisitely lovely giantess."

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