Dara was the daughter of the Kaelon scientist Doctor Timicin.

In 2367, Dara came aboard the USS Enterprise-D, where her father was conducting experiments on their sun. Timicin had reached sixty years of age, the time of the Kaelon Resolution, but was considering forgoing the Resolution in order to continue his work. Dara appealed to him to think of his family and the social stigma they would face if he did not follow Kaelon tradition. She also challenged Lwaxana Troi, who had become attached to her father, insisting that Troi had no respect for Kaelon traditions and no right to influence her father.

Dara was the mother of an almost-seven-year-old boy. (TNG: "Half a Life")

Dara was played by actress Michelle Forbes, who later played Bajoran Starfleet officer Ro Laren.

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