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... as Barash

Dana Tjulander played Barash in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fourth season episode "Future Imperfect" in 1990. This is her only acting credit.

The costumer's tag for the Barash costume indicates wear by "Dana Tjulander" as does a final draft of the script for the episode dated 13 September 1990. On the other hand, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion by Larry Nemecek spells her last name as "Tjowander". The costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and was later sold off again by Propworx. [1] [2]

Dana Tjulander Brown recalls this day on the set. The production needed someone who was small but over 18 and she was cast through Michael Westmore, a family friend. According to Tjulander, the costume department spelled her last name incorrect while the script department did not.

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