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For the Cardassian, please see Damar. For the alien trader, please see D'Marr.

Dammar was a Nyrian male who commanded the USS Voyager following the displacement of the Voyager's crew to the Nyrian biosphere vessel in 2373. He was from a colony on Nyria III.

He was a chief operative of the Nyrians, and was the first to arrive on Voyager. He pretended that he did not know how he got there. He said that he was abducted, but was in reality using a translocator to take the place of the crew and transport them to an environment biosphere on the Nyrian ship.

The plot was foiled when the crew was able to escape by using a translocator, and Dammar was transported to a ice age environment. The Nyrians surrendered and the crew retook Voyager. (VOY: "Displaced")

Dammar was played by actor Kenneth Tigar.
Tom Bergeron once joked that Dammar was the great-great-grandson of D'Marr and was connected to Damar "through an interspecies marriage or something." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145,  p. 39)

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