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Daliwakan gigolo, 2371

A half-Human, half-Daliwakan male

The Daliwakans were a humanoid species native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant.

The Daliwakans were mainly Human in appearance except for a row of ridges down the center of their forehead, and pronounced skin above the eyebrows. Daliwakans have successfully mated with Humans before.

Presumably, "The Gigolo's" features are a combination of Human and Daliwakan facial features, so Daliwakan appearance would probably be more pronounced than his.

There was a hologram (presumably of a real person) that was half Daliwakan on his mother's side, and his father was a Human of French descent. He was in Tom Paris' holodeck program depicting Chez Sandríne. (VOY: "The Cloud", "Lifesigns")

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