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Daled IV

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Daled IV
Daled IV, remastered.jpg

Daled IV and one moon

Type: Planet
Satellites: At least three moons
Native Species: Allasomorphs
Location: Daled system
Alpha Quadrant

Daled IV was the fourth planet in the Daled planetary system. this system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. This was the homeworld for a species of shapeshifters known as the Allasomorphs. In the mid-2360s, there was no formal contact between Daled IV and the Federation.

Daled IV had an almost identical atmosphere to Klavdia III. The troposphere of the planet distorted normal communications signals. The environment was hostile to humanoid life-forms. Daled IV had at least three moons, and its third moon was inhabited and similar in appearance to Earth's moon Luna.

The planet was tidally-locked to the star Daled, meaning on one side of the planet it was always day, and on the other side it was always night. Separate cultures evolved on each side which resulted in a civil war that lasted for centuries.

In 2349, a man from one side and a woman from the other had a child, Salia, hoping that her not being from either side would one day allow her to neutrally govern and unify the planet. They contacted the Federation, and asked for a Starfleet ship to transport her to Klavdia III, where she was to train for sixteen years before her return. The parents died shortly thereafter.

In 2365, Starfleet sent the USS Enterprise-D to Klavdia III to pick up Salia, and transport her (and her caretaker Anya) back to Daled IV. Although Salia was slightly reluctant to govern her people, she did decide to beam down and take her place in the government. Salia wished that her world would one day have formal contact with the Federation. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

Daled V, a sister planet, appeared in the starchart Data and Picard were studying in stellar cartography in 2371. (Star Trek Generations, display graphic)

The star chart seen in "Generations" depicted the location of planets, stars, and star systems in the Alpha Quadrant. Based on the dimensions of the circles used to mark locations on the star chart seen in "Generations", this planet was located relatively far to the USS Enterprise-D.

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