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Episodes Edit

Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
"The Vulcan Hello" 1x01 101 1207.3 2017-09-24
"Battle at the Binary Stars" 1x02 102 2017-09-24
"Context is for Kings" 1x03 103 2017-10-01
"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry" 1x04 104 2017-10-08
Episode 5 1x05 105 2017-10-15
Episode 6 1x06 106 2017-10-22
Episode 7 1x07 107 2017-10-29
Episode 8 1x08 108 2017-11-05
Mid-season break
Episode 9 1x09 109 2018-01-31
Episode 10 1x10 110 2018-01-31
Episode 11 1x11 111 2018-01-31
Episode 12 1x12 112 2018-01-31
Episode 13 1x13 113 2018-01-31
Episode 14 1x14 114 2018-01-31
Episode 15 1x15 115 2018-01-31

Summary Edit

Background information Edit

Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham ("The Vulcan Hello"–"Battle at the Binary Stars")
Doug Jones as Saru ("The Vulcan Hello"–"Battle at the Binary Stars")
Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler
Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets
Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly
Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca

Crew Edit

Casting by
Margery Simkin, CSA
Orly Sitowitz, CSA
Music and Theme by
Jeff Russo
Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Zimmerman
Edited by
Jon Dudkowski, A.C.E. ("The Vulcan Hello")
Scott Gamzon, A.C.E. ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Production Designer
Mark Worthington ("The Vulcan Hello")
Todd Cherniawsky ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Director of Photography
Guillermo Navarro, A.S.C. ("The Vulcan Hello")
Colin Hoult, C.S.C. ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Geoffrey Hemwall
April Nocifora
Aaron Baiers
Jill Danton ("The Vulcan Hello")
Thom J. Pretak ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Consulting Producers
Nicholas Meyer
Craig Sweeny
Co-Executive Producers
Jesse Alexander
Aron Eli Coleite
Joe Menosky
Olatunde Osunsanmi
Frank Siracusa ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
John Weber ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Executive Producers
Bryan Fuller
David Semel ("The Vulcan Hello")
Eugene Roddenberry
Trevor Roth
Akiva Goldsman
Heather Kadin
Gretchen J. Berg
Aaron Harberts
Alex Kurtzman
Based Upon Star Trek Created by
Gene Roddenberry
Created by
Bryan Fuller
Alex Kurtzman
Associate Producer
Dana N. Wilson
Executive Story Editors
Bo Yeon Kim
Erika Lippoldt
Staff Writers
Kirsten Beyer
Sean Cochran ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Kemp Powers
Production Manager
David Till
First Assistant Directors
Beau Ferris ("The Vulcan Hello")
Libby Hodgson ("The Vulcan Hello")
Tim Singh ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Second Assistant Directors
Rita Colucci ("The Vulcan Hello")
Kira McCord ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Canada Casting by
Lisa Parasyn, CSA
Jon Comerford, CSA
Original Star Trek Theme by
Alexander Courage
Costume Designer
Gersha Phillips
Art Directors
Greg Chown
Matt Middleton
Mark Steel
Set Decorator
Peter P. Nicolakakos
Property Masters
Mario Moreira ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jim Murray
Script Supervisor
Marta Borowski ("The Vulcan Hello")
Lisa Burling ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
A Camera Operator
Tony Guerin
B Camera Operator
Sean Sealey
Sound Mixer
Ao Loo
Boom Operator
Sean Armstrong
Casting Associate
Emily Cook
Canadian Casting Assistants
Sara Dang
Lisa Demeo
Emily Johnston
Studio Manager
Robert Jones
Location Production Assistant
Chris Vargas
Costume Supervisor
Karen Lee
Assistant Costume Designers
Kimberly Catton ("The Vulcan Hello")
Megan Oppenheimer ("The Vulcan Hello")
Damion Saliani
Bernadette Croft ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Lead Creature Designer
Neville Page
Department Head Hair
Ryan Reed
Department Head Make-Up
Colin Penman
Make-Up Effects Department Heads
Glenn Hetrick
James MacKinnon
Prosthetic Makeup Special Effects and Specialty Armor Designed and Created by
Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page's Alchemy Studios
Production Accountant
Debbie Van Dusen
First Assistant Accountants
Dawn Howat
Vess Stoeva
Second Assistant Accountants
Rebecca Pearson
Shane Pollard
Vanna Roopchand
Payroll Accountants
Mark Bilas
Melanie Foley
Lighting Design by
Franco Tata
First Copany Grip
Robert Daprato
1st Assistant A Camera
Barrett Axford
1st Assistant B Camera
Brian White
2nd Assistant A Camera
Christina Louie
2nd Assistant B Camera
Craig Jewell
Digital Imaging Technician
Rob Stronghill
Assistant Production Manager
Kosta Orfanidis
Production Coordinator
Janet Gayford
Script Coordinator
Melissa Goldstein
First Assistant Production Coordinator
Nicole Lane
Second Assistant Production Coordinator
Derrick O'Toole
Office Production Assistants
Tom Fitzpatrick
Laura Miles
Michaela Peker
Additional Production Design by
Todd Cherniawsky ("The Vulcan Hello")
First Assistant Art Director
Natasha Peschlow
First Assistant Graphics
Andy Tsang
Motion Graphics
Timothy Peel
Second Assistant Art Director
Hyebin Yoon
Playback Supervisor
Mark Lewandowski ("The Vulcan Hello")
Storyboard Artist
Rob McCallum
Concept Artists
Goran Delic
Bartol Rendulic
Digital Asset Manager
James Jarvis ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Art Department Coordinator
Katie Brock
Stunt Coordinator
Rick Forsayeth
Special Effects Coordinator
Darcy Callaghan
Special Effects Key
Sophie Vertigan
Lead Dressers
Kevin Haeberlin
Greg Langham
Contact Lens Supervisor
Mandy Ketcheson
Key Scenic
Jay Kirk ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Head Painters
Peter Aquilina ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Soux Ellis ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
On Set Painter
Brad Francis ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Construction Coordinator
Ross Fraser
Head Carpenter
Travis Israel Staley
Transportation Coordinator
Jazz Helie
Transportation Captain
Michael Corazza
Transportation Co-Captain
Grant Volkers
VFX Supervisor
Ante Dekovic
VFX Producer
Aleksandra Kochoska
VFX Production Manager
Helen Jen
VFX Lead Artist
Charles Collyer
Senior VFX Coordinator
David Takemura
VFX Coordinators
Ayana Reid
Julie Rothfarb
Assistant Editor
Matthew Kovach ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jeffrey D. Brown ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
John Mullin ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
VFX Editors
Jonathan Angus
Glenn Cote
VFX Assistant Editor
Greg Minihan
Post Production Coordinator
Ruben Michael Molina
Post Production Assistant
Ryan Miles
Anthony Maranville
Assistants to the Writers
Tyler Dinucci
Brandon Schultz
Christopher Silvestri
Dialect Coach
Rea Nolan
Additional Dialect Coach
Jeffrey Simlett
Klingon Translator
Robyn Stewart
On Set Caterers
Gourmet Catering
Assistants to A. Kurtzman
Julian Gross
Robyn Johnson
Assistant to G. Berg and A. Harberts
Chris Danby
Assistant to H. Kadin
Kathryn Alsman
Assistant to A. Goldsman
Chloe Gebacz
Assistant to C. Sweeny
Kaycee Felton-Lui
Assistant to D. Semel
Chelsea Dowling ("The Vulcan Hello")
Executive Assistant Toronto
Emma Sampson

L.A. Unit Edit

Unit Production Manager
Joe Lotito ("The Vulcan Hello")
First Assistant Director
Susan M. Elmore ("The Vulcan Hello")
Second Assistant Director
Marcia Woske ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Stunt Coordinator
Joel Kramer ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Art Director
William Budge ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Production Coordinator
Andrew McCulloch ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Construction Coordinator
Eddie Esparza ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Lead Crane Tech
Philip Hallford ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Chief Lighting Technician
David Lee ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Hair Department Head
Darrell Redleaf-Fielder ("The Vulcan Hello")
LA Make Up Department Head
Karen Iverson ("The Vulcan Hello")

Jordan Unit Edit

Jordan Producers
Elan Dassani ("The Vulcan Hello")
Rajeev Dassani ("The Vulcan Hello")
Kosta Orfanidis ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jordan Unit Producer
Issam M. Husseini ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jordan Production Coordinator
Tala Olabi ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jordan Script Supervisor
Haya Kattan ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jordan Chief Lighting Technician
Hosni Al Baqa ("The Vulcan Hello")
Jordan Art Director
Sami Keilani ("The Vulcan Hello")

Post Production Sound Services Provided by
Skywalker Sound, A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company,
Marin County, California
Sound Designer
Christopher Scarabosio
Sound Services by
Warner Bros. Post Production Creative Services
Sound Supervisor
Jon Mete
Sound Designer
Tim Farrell
Re-Recording Mixers
Alex Gruzdev
Brad Sherman
Music Editor
Matt Decker
Score Engineer and Mixer
Michael Perfitt ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Scoring Assistant
Perrine Virgile ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Amie Doherty ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Traci Turnbull ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Score Wrangler
Matea Prljevic ("Battle at the Binary Stars")
Dailies Services by
Bling Digital
Post Production Services by
Chainsaw Supervising Producer
Byron Smith
Chainsaw Online Editor
Chad Cole
Color Timing by
Company 3
Company 3 Final Colorist
Stefan Sonnenfeld
Editing Systems
Hula Post
Camera and Lenses by
Sim Digital
Main Title Design by
Visual Effects by
Crafty Apes ("The Vulcan Hello")
Spin VFX
Produced with the Participation of the
Canadian Production Services Tax Credit
CBS Studios Inc.
Secret Hideout
Roddenberry Entertainment
Living Dead Guy
CBS All Access Originals
CBS Television Studios

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First season in series Seasons of
Star Trek: Discovery
Next Season:
Not yet announced

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