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Trader D'Marr

For the Cardassian, please see Damar. For the Nyrian, please see Dammar.

D'Marr was an alien trader, captain of his own starship.

In 2151, he dined aboard the Enterprise NX-01 with Captain Archer and T'Pol. Archer was interested in obtaining raw materials to fix the Enterprise. D'Marr was quite fond of coffee, and offered T'Pol some Triaxian silk. In exchange for coffee, he gave the Enterprise crew the coordinates of the planet where he'd found the haunted Kantare vessel. He told them that no one had salvaged the ship because it was haunted. (ENT: "Oasis")

D'Marr was played by actor Tom Bergeron. His species and origin were not identified, the final draft script of "Oasis" describing him simply as "an exotic-looking alien trader."

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