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D'Amato (Ensign)

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Ensign D'Amato was a Human male who served as an operations division Starfleet officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, during the 2360s.

In 2366, D'Amato was serving in security when he became one of the hundreds of crew members affected by Sarek's telepathy, D'Amato channeled the anguish of the ambassador into an act of insubordination to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Worf. For his behavior, Ensign D'Amato received a written reprimand. For officers, like Commander William T. Riker, this was disturbing as the ensign was noted for his exemplary conduct as an officer. (TNG: "Sarek")

There were two D'Amatos who served aboard two different starships with the same name, the other being Lieutenant D'Amato.

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