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The D'Vahl-type was a class of Vulcan survey vessel used during the late-1950s. It was only slightly larger than a shuttlecraft, and was warp-capable. It had four nacelle-like engines, and a landing light mounted on its hull. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

Ships of the class Edit

According to the final draft of the "Carbon Creek" script, dated 18 September 2002, the D'Vahl was visually identified as a Vulcan transport, however, a hand-written note, on the post-production version of same script, finalized the classification of the D'Vahl in dialog as a "Vulcan survey vessel".
The Vulcan fighter from "Awakening" is a re-use of this model, but seems to be meant to be a very different class of ship. The fighter, from two hundred years later in 2154 appears to be much smaller.

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