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Cryonics satellite

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Cryonics satellite

An ancient cryonics satellite

Cryonics satellite, interior

Corridor containing cryogenic stasis units

Cryonics satellites were used by Humans in the late 20th century to cryogenically preserve individuals who had passed away. They were equipped with solar panels, and divided into four interior sections. They held several cryogenically frozen Humans that had died of causes that the Humans believed would be treatable in the future.

One such satellite, launched in the late 20th century, had drifted out of Earth's orbit over the years, and by 2364 it had strayed into the Kazis binary system. Many of the cryogenic stasis pods on this satellite had been damaged, so only three of the passengers able to be revived when the USS Enterprise-D discovered it in 2364: Clare Raymond, Sonny Clemonds, and Ralph Offenhouse. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")

The topmost segment of the cryonics satellite was labeled "4077", one of the many references to M*A*S*H. Both the Star Trek Encyclopedia and the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion mention that the satelite might be called S.S. Birdseye.
For more information on this studio model, see TNG studio models.

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