The Crusher family consisted of Jack Crusher, his wife Beverly Crusher (née Howard), and their son Wesley Crusher, as well as Jack's parents. During a holo-recording Jack made when Wesley was only 10 weeks old, he mentioned seeing his father and mother in the child's face. (TNG: "Family")

The TNG novel Losing the Peace revealed that Jack's father was distant, having never wanted a family.

Jean-Luc Picard was a close friend of the Crusher family, something Admiral Brand was aware of when he personally informed Picard that Cadet Wesley got into an accident while training at Starfleet Academy in a flight trainer in 2368. (TNG: "The First Duty")

A deleted scene from TNG: "Family" also mentioned Jack's grandfather Richard Wesley Crusher. The same scene would have also established that among Wesley's ancestors were scholars, explorers, artists with his great-great-grandfather having been a painter with a work in the Prado. Jack had several ancestors whom he considered "heroes": one ancestor fought in the American Civil War – on the Confederate side – in the opening battle of the conflict at Bull Run. Another ancestor died in the surprise attack on Station Salem-One. However, there had also been a Crusher who was a horse thief on Nimbus III.
Several ancestors of Beverly Crusher were also known, including her parents Isabel and Paul Howard, her grandmother Felisa Howard, and distant ancestor Jessel Howard.