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The Crossfield class was a type of Federation starship in service during the mid-23rd century. Its design consisted of a saucer section, a wide secondary hull, and two elongated nacelles.

To facilitate the operation of the spore drive, the saucer section was divided into three concentric sections separated by gaps. When engaging the spore drive, the ship went into black alert, which alerted the crew to the drive's activation. The outer and middle sections housed rings that could rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively, so as to provide excess energy cavitation. (DIS: "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry")

Ships of this class also included a regular warp drive for faster-than-light propulsion.

The ship's armament included phasers and photon torpedoes. The ships had deflector shield capability for defense.

Crossfield-class starships were also equipped with tractor beams for towing spacial objects.

Shuttlebays were also present on Crossfield-class starships, with force fields being utilized to contain the atmosphere, as with all Federation starships.

Two known ships of this class were utilized by Starfleet to test a theoretical spore drive, following the outbreak of war with the Klingons in 2256. Shortly after achieving a breakthrough, the USS Glenn was crippled and all crew killed in an accident. She was then scuttled by her sister ship, the USS Discovery. (DIS: "Context Is for Kings")

Ships commissioned Edit

Background information Edit

The class was likely named for American test pilot Albert Scott Crossfield.

According to Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection, the Crossfield-class is 750.5 meters.

The Crossfield-class bears some resemblance to the B-24-CLN, which was seen at the Surplus Depot Z15 in TNG: "Unification I". Both models are based off a concept USS Enterprise study model designed by Ken Adam and Ralph McQuarrie for Star Trek: Planet of the Titans.

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