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When a peace treaty is sabotaged, only Spock can save a planet from war!

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From the book jacket 
A young Spock, accompanied his father, the Vulcan diplomat Sarek, to the planet Marath to help negotiate a peace treaty. With the signed treaty safely in hand, they board the starship Enterprise and head home. Spock is fascinated by the easy acceptance of his Vulcan culture by the bright, adventurous Starfleet crew headed by Captain Robert April and his first officer, Christopher Pike. Spock, half-Vulcan, half-Human, is now torn between accepting his position at the Vulcan Science Academy or joining the cadets at Starfleet Academy.
Before he can decide, however, he and Sarek discover that not everyone is happy with the treaty. First, rebel forces attempt an assault on the Enterprise, and then Spock's own family is stalked. Spock has a hunch about who is behind the attacks. But to find out – and set the course for his own destiny – he'll have to trust his Human side.

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Characters Edit

Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in Pocket TOS characters.

Regular and recurring characters Edit

Vulcanian youth, the half-Human son of Sarek.
Spock would be approximately 17 or 18 years old in this book, according to his 2230 birthdate referenced in the Star Trek Chronology.
Spock, age 17


Vulcan diplomat and Spock's father.
Robert April 
Starfleet captain of Enterprise.
Amanda Grayson
Spock's mother
Christopher Pike 
Starfleet executive officer.

References Edit

Spock and Sarek's homeworld.

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First novel in series Star Trek: The Original Series - Starfleet Academy #2: Aftershock

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