Creole food was a type of cuisine originating on Earth in the state of Louisiana, specifically New Orleans. Creole food included shrimp creole and Jambalaya.

Both Creole cuisine and Cajun cuisine originated from Louisiana, but there were significant differences between the two. Joseph Sisko derisively noted in 2372, that his doctor couldn't tell the difference between Creole food and Cajun food despite having lived in New Orleans for twenty years. (DS9: "Homefront")

Sisko's Creole Kitchen featured many Creole dishes. Nog didn't like Creole food, but he still came to Sisko's since it was the only place on Earth where he could get live tube grubs. (DS9: "Homefront")

In 2372, Benjamin Sisko tried to convince his father to relocate to Deep Space 9, with Jake Sisko adding that a Creole restaurant would be successful on the Promenade. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

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