A crawler

A crawler was a type of mechanical vehicle used in a deuterium mining colony by Tessic.

Late one night in 2152, the control arm of Tessic's crawler became jammed. Tessic worked on the repairs to the crawler with help from Jonathan Archer, who firstly rotated the machine's release valve, then reconnected a coolant line to an intake on the control arm. Tessic regarded the fact he himself was "barely [able to] keep this crawler running" as an example of and a metaphor for him being unable to protect his colony.

Thereafter, the crawler hauled a deuterium pump while the colony was being relocated to a position approximately fifty meters away. (ENT: "Marauders")

In the final draft script of "Marauders", the crawler was referred to as "a tractor-like vehicle." Also, the faulty part of the machine was scripted to be an "inductor assembly" rather than the control arm.

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