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Covariant shielding

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USS Voyager attempting to penetrate the covariant shielding protecting Penk's starship

Covariant shielding was an extremely powerful form of protective energy screen which was very difficult to penetrate with conventional weapons.

The starship utilized by the interstellar fight promoter Penk to transmit Tsunkatse matches to various locations was protected by tetryon-based covariant shielding, along with reinforced hull plating and neutronic weaponry. In 2376, while attempting to rescue Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and Seven of Nine, who had been kidnapped by Penk and forced to compete, the crew of the USS Voyager engaged in combat with Penk's ship, and managed to weaken the vessel's shields enough to beam their kidnapped crewmembers aboard. (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

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