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Crew in Q court

Q's courtroom

A courtroom was a room in which a court presided.

The Mae West film I'm No Angel featured a scene set in a courtroom. In a holographic recreation of World War II, Tom Paris, believing himself to be Bobby Davis, recalled sharing a kiss with his girlfriend Brigitte (B'Elanna Torres) during this scene. (VOY: "The Killing Game, Part II")

In 2364 and 2370, Q recreated a post-atomic World War III courtroom when he put humanity on trial. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "All Good Things...")

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TOS: "The Squire of Gothos" and "Turnabout Intruder" also feature a courtroom, though they are not referred to in dialogue as such.

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The set for the courtroom in "Court Martial" was built on Desilu Stage 10.

In the final draft script of TNG: "Devil's Due", a scene description stated that an atheneum in that episode was "distinctly different than our own courtroom experience." [1]

The Klingon courtroom in Star Trek VI was referred to simply as a courtroom in the film's script, with no direct indication of the room's placement. The script describes the room as, "A cavernous stadium arranged in circular tiers cut from jagged stone. A place from a bygone age, of savage and awesome beauty. Something between a circus and a cathedral... turned for the occasion into a gigantic courtroom." The script refers to "the dock [...] in the bottom at the very center of the circle, surrounded by [...] rising tiers" and describes "a darkened dugout" for Klingon judges to sit in. [2] A matte painting study of this Klingon courtroom was illustrated by Mark Moore from Industrial Light & Magic. (The Art of Star Trek, p. 266) The courtroom set was housed on Paramount Stage 14. (The Making of the Trek Films, UK 3rd ed., p. 114) Although it was commonly referred to in the script as a "courtroom", [3] the area is not referred to as such on screen. As evidenced by the first draft script of VOY: "Flashback", the same Klingon courtroom was originally to have briefly reappeared in that episode, represented with stock footage from Star Trek VI. In the script, the room was referred to as "the Great Klingon Hall". The idea of the courtroom reappearing was vetoed by the time the final draft of the "Flashback" teleplay was issued.

As with the Klingon courtroom, Q's courtroom was commonly referred to in the script as a "courtroom", but the area is not referred to as such on screen. [4] [5] In the script of "All Good Things...", though, the room actually was referred to as a "courtroom" in dialogue, Picard stating, "The last time I stood in this courtroom was seven years ago..." and asking Q, "Why do I find myself back in this courtroom?" [6] Evidently, these lines were later changed, "in this courtroom" replaced by simply the word "here" in both cases. For "Encounter at Farpoint", the set for Q's courtroom was built on Paramount Stage 16. The set was constructed from pieces that were originally built for the episode's "Farpoint Mall", and were then repainted and rearranged with add-ons, grids, and drapes, to make the courtroom. (Information from Larry Nemecek)

A Cardassian courtroom in DS9: "Tribunal" was a reuse of a set usually used as Deep Space 9's holosuite. Some of the courtroom's design details were incorporated into Makbar's hairstyle. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 150)

For the usage of Deep Space 9's wardroom for a trial in DS9: "Rules of Engagement", that episode's script referred once to the wardroom as a "courtroom". The same script additionally twice referred to "courtroom dialog". [7]

The area used for a Klingon trial in ENT: "Judgment" was commonly referred to as "Klingon tribunal chamber" in the script of that installment. However, there was one reference to it as a "courtroom" in the script, specifically in a scene description. [8] Also, David A. Goodman referred to it as a "courtroom" in an audio commentary podcast about the episode.

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