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Galaxy Magazine

The cover of the issue containing "Court Martial"

For the TOS episode of the same name, please see "Court Martial".


"Court Martial" was a story published in the September 1953 issue of Galaxy. It was written by Samuel T. Cogley.

Benny Russell picked up a copy of the magazine that published this story at a newstand, where he was quickly intercepted by the news vendor, who shared that "personally, I don't see the attraction. Spaceships, flying saucers, men from Mars...", before finally asking him if he was going to pay for it. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

"Court Martial", of course, was a homage to the original series episode, "Court Martial", from which Albert Whitlock's matte painting of Starbase 11 appeared on the cover of the issue. Samuel Cogley was a character in the same episode.

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