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Mullibok 2369

Mullibok in front of his cottage

A cottage was a type of small dwelling, often without all of the amenities of a larger residence.

In 2351, Keena and Baltrim escaped the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor and found shelter on Mullibok's cottage on the Bajoran moon Jeraddo.

Eighteen years later, when Jeraddo was to have been evacuated so the Bajoran Provisional Government could transfer energy from the moon's molten core, Mullibok refused to leave. Major Kira Nerys tried to convince him that Bajor was now free from the Cardassians and explained that if he were to remain on Jeraddo, he would die. After a skirmish, he declared that as long as his cottage was still standing, he would remain. Kira set fire to the cottage and as it burned, she informed Mullibok that it was time to move on. (DS9: "Progress")

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