Corn stalks

Corn stalks

Corn on the cob

Corn-on-the-cob, offered by Aunt Adah

Corn was a plant indigenous to Earth. It was a grain used by Humans as food.

Corn kernels, when taken off the cob and dried, were cooked in oil to make popcorn, which was often served at movie showings. (ENT: "Dear Doctor"; VOY: "Repression")

According to her guidebook, Shannon O'Donnel was near a re-creation of The Last Supper made entirely of corn when she was driving through Indiana in 2000. (VOY: "11:59")

In 2151, a Klingon K'toch-class scoutship crash-landed in a cornfield in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The field belonged to a corn farmer named Moore, who subsequently shot the pilot of the craft, a Klingon named Klaang, after the Klingon destroyed his silo. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

When Sub-Commander T'Pol chose a farm on the Akaali homeworld as a landing site for an Enterprise away team because of its sparse population, Jonathan Archer remarked "this must be why aliens are always landing in cornfields." (ENT: "Civilization")

In 2371, when the USS Voyager was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker and transported aboard the Caretaker's array into a holographic simulation of a farmyard, the crew walked past a garden patch of corn stalks. One of the holograms, Aunt Adah, offered the crewmembers some corn-on-the-cob, lemonade, and sugar cookies. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Three years later, aboard Voyager, Tom Paris noted that a mystery meal prepared by Neelix tasted "vaguely like chicken, but it has the consistency of corn husks." (VOY: "Hunters")

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