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For additional meanings of "Constellation", please see Constellation.

A constellation is a group of stars visibly related to each other in a particular configuration as seen from a particular planet.

Notable constellations visible from Earth include Orion and Leo. Notable constellations visible from other planets include "The Runners" (from Bajor) and "The Great Horn" (from the Brunali homeworld). (DS9: "Second Sight"; VOY: "Child's Play")

Selected Earth constellations

Andromeda (Andromedae)
Antlia (Antliae)
  • Mira Antliae (there is no "Mira" star in the modern Antlia constellations)
Apus (Apodis)
Aquarius (Aquarii)
Aquila (Aquilae)
Ara (Arae)
Aries (Arietis)
Auriga (Aurigae)
Boötes (Boötis)
  • Arcturus (Alpha Boötis or Hokule'a)
  • Izar (Epsilon Boötis)
Caelum (Caeli)
Camelopardalis (Camelopardalis)
Cancer (Cancri)
Canes Venatici (Canum Venaticorum)
Canis Major (Canis Majoris)
Canis Minor (Canis Minoris)
Capricornus (Capricorni)
  • Deneb Algiedi (Delta Capricorni; possibly aka Deneb)
Carina (Carinae)
  • Canopus (Alpha Carinae)
  • Carinae Delta (there is no "Delta" star in the modern Carina constellations)
Cassiopeia (Cassiopeiae)
Centaurus (Centauri)
Cepheus (Cephei)
Cetus (Ceti)
  • Ceti Alpha (possibly aka Alpha Ceti or Menkar)
  • Deneb Algenubi (Eta Ceti; possibly aka Deneb)
  • Deneb Kaitos Shemali (Iota Ceti; possibly AKA Deneb)
  • Mira (Omicron Ceti)
  • Tau Ceti
  • Taurus Ceti (there is no "Taurus" star in this modern constellation)
  • NGC 321
Chamaeleon (Chamaeleontis)
Circinus (Circini)
Columba (Columbae)-->
Coma Berenices (Comae Berenices)
Corona Australis (Coronae Australis)
Corona Borealis (Coronae Borealis)
Corvus (Corvi)
Crater (Crateris)
Crux (Crucis)
Cygnus (Cygni)
Delphinus (Delphini)
Dorado (Doradus)
Draco (Draconis)
Equuleus (Equulei)
Eridanus (Eridani)
Fornax (Fornacis)
Gemini (Geminorum)
Grus (Gruis)
Hercules (Herculis)
  • Cerberus (Probably one of the stars in former constellation Cerberus now contained in Hercules)
Horologium (Horologii)
Hydra (Hydrae)
Hydrus (Hydri)
Indus (Indi)
Lacerta (Lacertae)
Leo (Leonis)
Leo Minor (Leonis Minoris)
Lepus (Leporis)
Libra (Librae)
Lupus (Lupi)
Lynx (Lyncis)
Lyra (Lyrae)
Mensa (Mensae)
Microscopium (Micropscopii)
Monoceros (Monocerotis)
Musca (Muscae)
Norma (Normae)
Octans (Octanis)
Ophiuchus (Ophiuchi)
Orion (Orionis)
Pavo (Pavonis)
Pegasus (Pegasi)
Perseus (Persei)
Phoenix (Phoenicis)
Pictor (Pictoris)
Pisces (Piscium)
Piscis Austrinius (Piscis Austrini)
Puppis (Puppis)
Pyxis (Pyxidis)
Reticulum (Reticuli)
  • Vega Reticuli (there is no "Vega" star in the modern Reticuli constellations)
Sagitta (Sagittae)
  • Omega Sagitta (there is no "Omega" star in the modern Sagitta constellations)
Sagittarius (Sagittarii)
Scorpius (Scorpii)
Sculptor (Sculptoris)
Scutum (Scuti)
Serpens (Serpentis)
Sextans (Sextantis)
Taurus (Tauri)
Telescopium (Telescopii)
Triangulum (Trianguli)
Triangulum Australe (Trianguli Australis)
Tucana (Tucanae)
Ursa Major (Ursae Majoris)
Ursa Minor (Ursae Minoris)

Vela (Velorum)

Virgo (Virgini)

Volans (Volantis)

Vulpecula (Vulpeculae)

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