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Connors was a 23rd century Starfleet officer who served as a medical assistant aboard the USS Enterprise for Doctor Leonard McCoy during the historic five-year mission of the 2260s.

On the Enterprise's first encounter with Harcourt Mudd in 2266, Connors met Ruth Bonaventure in sickbay on stardate 1329.1. Like many other male crewmembers, he was allured by her presence. However, McCoy quickly dismissed him from sickbay before she set off some unusual readings on the biofunction monitor. (TOS: "Mudd's Women")



Connors was an uncredited role played by Eddie Paskey, a regular extra who served as a set stand-in throughout the course of the original Star Trek series. In fact, "Mudd's Women" represents the only time Paskey wears the generic green duty jumpsuit. Also, this episode marks the first time Paskey's character was called by name and the only time he was called Connors. This was due to the fact that Paskey's character did not have a set identity until he was called "Leslie" in "The Conscience of the King" and afterwards.

Since Paskey portrayed both Connors and Leslie, there is ambiguity about their relationship to each other. While it is possible that they could be the same person with McCoy giving him the nickname of "Connors", it is also possible that the two were separate individuals who were either related to another or who were just coincidental look-alikes.


PP Connors

Connors in "The Crier in Emptiness"

In the 1975 comic book, "The Crier in Emptiness", Connors was depicted as a Starfleet lieutenant wearing a sciences division uniform and serving as a navigator aboard the Enterprise. He was also depicted as a skilled musician who could play the Edoan Elisiar.

However, he is regularly shown in some awkward poses, possibly indicating that the artist originally drew Arex, not a Human, at navigation and playing the Edoan musical instrument. Since some speech balloons indicate that his name was once several letters shorter, and since his speech displays a thick accent, it is possible that he is not the same Connors from "Mudd's Women".

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