A commissioner was a member of a commission, or the leader of a governmental body. Commissions were commonly created to solve specific problems or address specific ongoing issues, and were staffed with experts in those areas, these experts were the commissioners.

In 2267, the Federation maintained some form of commission for the purpose of mediating disputes; this body dispatched assistant commissioner Nancy Hedford to Epsilon Canaris III. Her goal was to prevent the outbreak of war; her mission was cut short when she developed Sakuro's Disease and had to be recalled. (TOS: "Metamorphosis")

Hedford was twice called "Assistant Federation Commissioner" in formal cases, but was also addressed simply as "Commissioner" throughout the episode.

Commissioner Bele served as the Chief Officer of Cheron's Commission on Political Traitors. (TOS: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

Nilva was a Ferengi Commerce Authority Commissioner and Chairman of Slug-o-Cola in the 2370s. (DS9: "Profit and Lace")

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