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Columbia (NX-02)Edit

Columbia dedication plaque

Columbia's plaque

The following information was listed on the dedication plaque of Columbia NX-02. (ENT: "Affliction" set artwork)

Spacecraft number NX-02
San Francisco, Earth
Starfleet Command: R. Berman, B. Braga, M. Coto, P. Lauritson, M. Howard, D. Velazquez, J.P. Farrell, B. Yacobian, S. Welke, D. Rossi, D. Mirabello, T. Matalas, D.
Rooney, S. RissmillerVehicle Development: A. Kroeker, B. Yacobian, G. Harvey, E. Norman, N. Lee, T. Scott, R. Simonson, A. Levy, A. Fukai, M. DeMeritt, D.
Trotti, T. Tagamolila, J. Harris, P. Butler, J. Rudolph, J. Brown, S. Shimizu, L. Sena, A. PooleyMission Ops: M. Sussman, A. Bormanis, J. Reeves-Stevens, G. Reeves
Stevens, J. FernandezSpaceframe Engineering: H. Zimmerman, L. Dorton, J. Eaves, D. Drexler, B. Heidemann, M. Okuda, J. Van Over, A. Fredrickson, A. Kobayashi
F. Zimmerman, L. Cole, A. PackardPropulsion Systems: M. Rush, D. Knapp, M. Reilly, M. Rush, S. Peck, R. Eyslee, F. Valdes, L. Christenberry, R. Meyers, D.
Pondella, P. Jacobson, J. Devlin, R. Dominguez, W. Mayer, R. Calvaruso, A. DominguezOrbital Ergonomics: J. Mees, M. Bozeman, A. Zerkel, E. Kelly, C. Russo, J.
NesterowiczDeep Space Operations: T. Arp, T. Purser, J. Pizston, J. Djanrelian, C. Clark, F. O'Hea, R. Ratliff, J. Peyser, D. Drozdowski, R. Hester, W. Thoms, V.
Deadrick, Jr.Flight Test Crew: G. Agalsoff; J. Agalsoff, R. Cooper, D. Okuda, B. Betts, M. Moore, R. Goddard, L. Connolly, M. Westmore, V. Canamar, E. Ellis, S.
Westmore, J. Lewis, B. LookEnvironmental Systems: B. Blackman, C. Kunz, T. Siegel, P. Corcoran-Woods, M. Hoffman, E. Regan, J. Thomas, L. WhiteSecurity: L.
Ward, S. D'Errico, G. Edelman, L. Dukes, S. Brill, J. Moore, J. FisherFlight Software: J. McMeikan, J.P. Farrell, B. Lederman, C. Petrus, D. Baskin, H. Jierjian, D. Koeppel
M. O'Halloran, A. Codron, D. Takemura, A. Simonson, A. LambertUnited Earth Space Probe Agency: G. Roddenberry, W.M. Jefferies
"Audentes fortuna juvat - Fortune favors the boldVirgil"
The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 192) has an image of the dedication plaque for Columbia NX-02, but it is blue, instead of gold, and includes the ship's assignment patch in color.

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