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Cochrane was a class 2 shuttle used aboard the USS Voyager during its journey through the Delta Quadrant during the late 24th century. It was numbered "04" in order to register it as Voyager's fourth shuttlecraft, and was the shuttle used for Voyager's transwarp tests.

History Edit

Paris mutated and Janeway

Paris kidnaps Janeway aboard the Cochrane

In 2372, the Cochrane became the first Starfleet vessel to break the transwarp threshold after it was outfitted with a transwarp drive by the crew of the Voyager. During the experiment, the shuttle exceeded its original limitation of warp 4, eventually breaking the warp 10 barrier, and traveled at infinite velocity across the universe. The shuttle was later used by the experiment's pilot, Tom Paris in order to cause Kathryn Janeway to experience the same transformation that he had been. After this, the technology was not used to break the warp 10 barrier by the crew of Voyager ever again, while the shuttle itself remained in service. (VOY: "Threshold")

The shuttle was briefly lost in an interfold layer, a region between space and subspace in 2373. (VOY: "Real Life")

Cochrane destruction

Paris and Torres watching the Cochrane explode

In 2374, the Cochrane was used by B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris during an attempt to recover Voyager's warp core after it had been ejected from the ship. The shuttle was destroyed by the Caatati during the attempt over a dispute on the ownership of the core. The occupants at the time, Torres and Paris, managed to dress into environmental suits and escape the shuttle's destruction, albeit being left adrift in open space. (VOY: "Day of Honor")

Cochrane damaged by phaser fire

The Cochrane hit by a phaser blast

Despite this incident, the Cochrane continued to be used. It was used by Tom Paris and Tuvok in an attempt to bring the reactivated former Borg drone Seven of Nine out of B'omar territory and back aboard the Voyager. Captain Janeway told them to stop her with any force necessary. After Tuvok was beamed aboard the Cochrane, Seven of Nine overwhelmed him in hand-to-hand combat. Seven then attacked the Cochrane and damaged its propulsion system leaving Paris behind. (VOY: "The Raven")

Cochrane distress beacon

The Cochrane attacked by the Hirogen

Later that year, the shuttlecraft registered as "04" and named Cochrane was used by Seven of Nine and Tuvok to board the Hirogen communications network relay station to retrieve all data sent from Starfleet Command. (VOY: "Hunters")

The Cochrane was named after Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 3rd ed., p. 80)
Though destroyed on screen in "Day of Honor", the Cochrane's name was clearly visible on the hull of the shuttlecraft in later episodes.

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