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Clint D.P. Zoccoli (born c. 1983) is a make-up effects artist, sculptor, set builder, model maker, art director, and painter. He is currently a sculptor with the Proteus Make-up FX Team on Star Trek.

One of Zoccoli's earliest projects was a low-budget horror movie called Dead Men Walking, on which he was the assistant art director. He even made made an appearance in the film as a zombie.

Before Star Trek, Zoccoli's most high-profile projects were a 2005 episode of the hit NBC series My Name Is Earl entitled "Robbed a Stoner Blind" (which, incidentally, guest-starred Christian Slater) and the 2007 political action film The Kingdom starring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. Zoccoli built models for the former project and was a fabricator on the latter.

On The Kingdom, Zoccoli worked under veteran Star Trek make-up artist Dean Jones. Zoccoli and Jones have worked together on several other films, as well, including Already Dead (featuring Patrick Kilpatrick and Christopher Plummer) and the upcoming films Chain Letter (starring Brad Dourif), My Mom's New Boyfriend, Day of the Dead, The Night Watchman, and Train. The last three films also feature make-up effects work by Ken Niederbaumer, while Train features work by Richard Redlefsen. Zoccoli works with both Niederbaumer and Redlefsen on the new Star Trek film.

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