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The Clevari system was an inhabited planetary system known to Q, Junior.

In 2378, he stole the Delta Flyer II and opened a spatial flexure to the Clevari system, where he wanted to introduce Icheb to the females who live there, which were described as "spectacular!".

Among the activities to do with the many "spectacular" women of this system, include taking a dip with the mermaids of Golos Prime or challenging the warrior goddess of Fektar to a grappling contest.

Briefly after their arrival, they encountered a starship that claimed they were trespassing in Chokuzan space and requested that they stand down so that they could be incarcerated pending an investigation. Junior, decided to fire at the Chokuzan starship and escaped through another flexure to the Zozek system.

It was later revealed that the Chokuzan Commander was really Q, who was attempting to teach his son how to take responsibility, after Q, junior returned to rectify his actions which has previously resulted in Icheb getting injured. (VOY: "Q2")

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