Cochrane (shuttlecraft)

A Class 2 shuttle

Class 2 claustrophobia was a name given by Starfleet cadets to Class 2 shuttles, as they were frequently used for shuttle training at Starfleet Academy.

In 2375, B'Elanna Torres referred to this term while flying in one of USS Voyager's Class 2 shuttles in the Delta Quadrant, while near a volatile proto-nebula, with The Doctor, Tom Paris, and Seven of Nine inside the shuttle.

Torres claimed she had a case of class 2 claustrophobia, a term which Paris recognized from personal experience. Seven was unfamiliar with the phrase, and Torres explained its provenance. According to Paris, six cadets often spent weeks in the cramped shuttles, and added that when being present for the opening of the shuttle's airlock after such a mission was an unpleasant experience. (VOY: "Drone")