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Clare Raymond, born in 1959, was a homemaker from Secaucus, New Jersey of the late 20th century.

Clare was married to Donald Raymond with two sons, Tommy and Edward. When she died of an embolism at 35 years old, her husband had her body frozen and stored in a cryonics satellite. The satellite drifted in space for more than three centuries until the USS Enterprise-D found it in 2364 near the Kazis binary system.

Not knowing what to do with the frozen bodies he discovered, Data brought her back to the Enterprise-D, where Dr. Crusher revived and cured her. Clare returned to Earth aboard the USS Charleston. She had decided to look up her descendants, in particular Thomas Raymond, who was living in the Indianapolis area. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")


Clare Raymond was played by actress Gracie Harrison. The Star Trek Chronology and later the Star Trek Encyclopedia misspelled her first name as "Claire".

An okudagram in the episode incorrectly gives her birth and death years, respectively, as 1992 and 2035. These data points are corrected in the remastered version of the episode to match the dialogue and also indicated that Clare was from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Clare was also featured in the non-canonical Eugenics Wars novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 by Greg Cox, wherein she "died" of Sarin nerve gas poisoning.

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