"The Cardassians might involve themselves in other people's civil wars. But we don't."

A civil war was a conflict internal to a culture, society, nation, or other political community.

The humanoid life forms of the planet Cheron destroyed their cities and killed each other off in a civil war and then made life uninhabitable to humanoid life forms, on that planet, some time prior to 2268. (TOS: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

In 2358, a civil war broke out on Parada II that lasted for the next twelve years. (DS9: "Whispers")

Bajor was on the verge of civil war several times following the Cardassian withdrawal in 2369 but a solution was often found. (DS9: "Emissary", "Shakaar")

The Mordanites of Mordan IV began a civil war that lasted forty years, due to Commander Mark Jameson supplying weapons to Karnas' rivals in 2319. (TNG: "Too Short a Season")

In 2369 a dispute between the two factions, Paqu and Navot, would have led to a civil war but was solved by mediator Benjamin Sisko. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

Benjamin Sisko believed a civil war would erupt between the Federation and Starfleet if the USS Lakota destroyed the USS Defiant in 2372. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

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