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Citadel Miniatures Limited is a company which produces metal, resin and plastic miniature figures for tabletop wargames and was formed as a division of the British game company Games Workshop in early 1979.

Star Trek association

The company began to produce (unlicensed) Star Trek gaming figurine miniatures in the very early 1980s, capitalizing on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, by tying in on the multitude of aliens seen in the back-ground in that feature. In 1985 as a sub-licensee, Citadel released for the UK market starship miniatures, that were based upon the gaming materials originating from the FASA gaming miniatures, as indicated on the packaging. As far as the starship miniatures were concerned, apart from being mounted on different style cards, the models differed from their US counterparts in that for many models less construction was needed and that they were more detailed, due to the fact that the pewter had a higher tin content. Although that made the metal more brittle, it also made the metal harder than their relative soft US counterparts and thus more susceptible to retain detailing. Eventually, Citadel released fifteen out of the eventual 34 models FASA produced, when the latter lost its license in 1989. Citadel never had a direct license from the franchise, the moment Fasa lost its, so did Citadel. It should be noted that in the case of the figurine miniatures, that these were Citadel originals, not Fasa derivatives, as were the starship miniatures.

Star Trek gaming products

Star Trek gaming products
No. Issue Item
1980/81 Figurine models (unlicensed)
ST01 Captain Kirk
ST02 Mr. Spock 95px
ST03 Dr. "Bones" Mccoy
ST04 Scotty & Chekov Citadel ST04 figurine
ST05 Sulu & Willard Decker Citadel ST05 figurine
ST06 Uhura & Christine Chapel Citadel ST06 figurine
ST07 Ilia & Janice Rand
ST08 Enterprise Crew
ST09 Security Guards Citadel ST09 figurine
ST10 Vulcans
ST11 Deltans
ST12 Klingons
ST13 Aaamazzarites Citadel ST13 figurine
ST14 Kazarites
ST15 Betalgeusians
ST16 Arcturians Citadel ST16 figurine
ST17 Zaranites
ST18 K'normians
ST19 Rigellians
ST20 Rhaandrites Citadel ST20 figurine
ST21 Shamin Priests
ST22 Megarites
ST23 Saurians
ST24 Andorians
1985 Starship models (sub-licensed)
ST01 refit-USS Enterprise FASA-Citadel ST01 RPG miniature USS Enterprise 1985
ST02 USS Reliant FASA-Citadel ST02 RPG miniature USS Reliant 1985
ST03 D7 class FASA-Citadel ST03 RPG miniature Klingon battlecruiser D7 1985
ST04 Romulan Bird-of-Prey (contains two pieces) FASA-Citadel ST04 RPG miniature Romulan Bird of Prey 1985
ST05 USS Enterprise (Old design) FASA-Citadel ST06 RPG miniature USS Enterprise 1985
ST05 USS Enterprise (Old design) FASA-Citadel ST06 RPG miniature USS Enterprise 1985
ST09 Klingon D-18 Destroyer FASA-Citadel ST09 RPG miniature Klingon D-18 Destroyer 1985
ST15 Romulan Winged Defender FASA-Citadel ST15 RPG miniature Romulan Winged Defender 1985
ST16 USS Chandley Frigate FASA-Citadel ST16 RPG miniature USS Chandley 1985
ST17 USS Excelsior FASA-Citadel ST17 RPG miniature USS Excelsior 1985
ST18 Klingon L-42 Bird of Prey FASA-Citadel ST18 RPG miniature Klingon L-42 Bird of Prey 1985
ST19 USS Grissom FASA-Citadel ST19 RPG miniature USS Grissom 1985
ST20 Deep Space Freighter FASA-Citadel ST20 RPG miniature Deep Space Freighter 1985
ST21 Romulan Graceful Flyer containing two pieces FASA-Citadel ST21 RPG miniature Romulan Graceful Flyer 1985
ST22 Orion Wanderer (two pieces; one of only two FASA design elevated to canon status) FASA-Citadel ST22 RPG miniature Orion Wanderer 1985,jpg

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